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  2. JavaScript was formerly causing security-problems, in browsers, but I haven't heard anything about it, lately !
  3. Earlier
  4. ??? Apparently, the "Meltdown"-flaw, was mitigated/fixed, but the "Spectre"-flaw, comes in multiple-variants, and is NOT fixable, and EVEN the newer Intel Core-i9-CPUs, are vulnerable .
  5. What is the current status, of JavaScript, specifically, as it relates-to, the latest v67.0.1 Firefox Browser ? ( ... and, also, the Safari Browser ? ) .
  6. ... and NOW, there is also the "ZombieLoad" CPU-flaw !
  7. With Firefox v67.0, on my Mac, I clear the cookies for YouTube, under the tab's info-button, and I log-into accounts.google.com , and only THEN, can I view the blocked video, so there IS a workaround !
  8. Sue@play


    can anyone tell me the best website for background checks? thank you
  9. When will Intel, produce CPUs, that are immune, to the "Spectre" flaws ??? -- what time-frame ??? I plan to forestall a new Mac laptop purchase, if at-all, possible !
  10. I found & bought, a 1TB thumb-drive, from PNY, which I managed to clone, my Mac's internal 1TB SSD, from .
  11. I'm being blocked from viewing some YouTube videos, unless I setup, some weird type of Google account ! ( ... at least, that is what the message, says ! ) . I can't seem, to figure-out, how !
  12. What I would like to know is whether or not it's advisable to keep paying yearly for [Home Title Lock - Secure Property Ownership] and [Life Lock] surveillance web sites?
  13. Dianamarie54

    Router help!

    I have cable internet. I use the router they gave me (I don't pay to rent it), so I think it's barely acceptable. One thing is we have to reboot it several times a week. When it reboots, it reverts back to the terrible login info sent with the router. I'd like a higher quality one. I'm finding different info out there. 802.11 ac, ad, bgn (this is what my current router has), dual band, tri-band, quad core. Also, should I do a modem/router combo? I find good reviews for: Apple Airport Extreme, Nighthawk7200, Gryphon. Can someone help me through all the information out there??
  14. tnt92fox

    ICE-info app

    I've used ICE from Appventive for 3-4 years and really like it; but for about a month now, the widget is no longer accessible from the lockscreen, and they do not answer my emails to their support group. I think the problem may have been caused by an Android update? I'm using a Galaxy S9. I'd like help with how to fix it, or advice on a different app that allows first-responders to access my ICE-info from the lockscreen. Thanks.
  15. I cancelled my icloud account about four months ago. Since then I get a popup telling me that the account is closed. Another popup will appear telling me to reinstate my account. I have absolutely NO interest in having anything to do with icloud. I have sent messages to icloud asking that the messages stop. How do I get rid of these messages?
  16. flyer

    ATX Power Supply

    I have a Dell computer with an ATX power supply. This week when my wife started to use it and it was powered off. She leaves it on all the time. I looked at it and the start light was flashing. I pressed and it went out. I pulled power held power button and then tried to start up again. This time there was no light and never was a fan. I opened it up and the mother board light was on (I think this is probably showing 5 volts). I installed a new power supply and it acts the same. When I first pressed the power button the light came on but then went out. No fan in PS or on frame of computer. Any help??
  17. Flubber

    The Mysterious Chromecast

    Yesterday while streaming a movie via Google Play movies "Casted" thru an original Chromecast dongle the video was experiencing a totally unusual unwatchable amount of buffering. This is really an abnormal condition. Mostly I think is my DSL here lately for some unknown reason more than the Chromecast but what I did to try to remedy it was typical though and I thought I would just query people to see if they have had similar experiences with their Chromecast? 1. can literally shut down, disconnect and turn off device streaming to the Chromecast and it will still be casting. (Yep, no other devices are taking over or casting in it's place either.) Other times the cast tab just vaporizes and I don't know where it goes? 2. tried doing a reboot/reset of the device and then it tries to become my wi-fi source and acts like it's the wi-fi. My phone tries connect and use it and must see it as wi-fi? Weird. Not complaining too much but the link and control factor is really weird on this thing. Tried doing some tweaking with router today and stuff, maybe will be better again. Comments, suggestions?
  18. SarahKomando

    Store Closing and 50% off Sale

    Hi everyone, I have a message from Kim! Yep, I'm closing the Komando shop. After 10 years of connecting you with gadgets, technology and fun stuff through my online store, we're shifting focus. We're shuttering our online storefront, and in its place, we're building a better Kim's Club for you and a virtual academy that I can't wait to tell you about. As club members I wanted to tell you first and give you first dips on our store closing sale. Everything in the shop is now 50% off, we are going to tell the public about it tomorrow after I record the show. Things are going to sell out fast so make sure you grab what you want now. As always thank you for supporting our small business! Kim :) https://shop.komando.com/
  19. Walgreens smart coolers are watching you Advertising is getting more creative every day! Has anyone seen a smart cooler yet?
  20. Organized crime ring caught selling fake cars on eBay and Craigslist Remind me to always take a test drive before I buy a car! Have you ever bought a car online like this? Would you ever consider buying a car online? Let us know what you think!
  21. trofire.com (America's Lawyer) is posting an article claiming, that Samsung is trying to dissuade the courts, from allowing consumers, to successfully class-action-sue, to recover damages, from faulty phones ! They are trying to close the court-doors, by enforcing the "arbitration"-clause, in lieu of a trial . https://trofire.com/2019/02/13/samsung-wants-to-take-away-your-right-to-sue-them-for-bad-phones/ .
  22. https://www.komando.com/tips/542878/10-free-classic-games-you-can-get-for-your-android-device PacMan is going to be my new favorite thing to do while I wait for my plane! Which games are you most excited about?
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