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  2. I understand it is illegal to make a call to 911 unless you have a real emergency... and also that all cellphones should be capable of making a 911 call, even if they don't have a sim card installed. I have a new one that came with a manual (as bad as it is...!!) that makes that promise. Is there any legal way to test a cellphone to ensure it will actually work if needed...? Seem there should be a test number or something for that purpose...!!!! Thanks...!
  3. Awhile ago I downloaded and installed the AOMEI Backupper program on my Win 7 desktop "backup" machine, just to check it out before installing it on my workhorse Win 10 machine. It worked just fine. I made a clone of the Win 7 system HDD, swapped it in, and it booted up just like the original. Then I did the same on the Win 10 machine. NO LUCK...! Then some time later I found a more recent version of the same program, so I tried again, using the Win 7 machine for first test. But it would not complete the installation. Then I realized I had not uninstalled the older program...... DUMB...! So I tried to uninstall it, but got an error message saying the program was corrupted and could not be uninstalled (presumably by the vendor's uninstall program). Does Windows have a way of uninstalling such a corrupted program....? Thanks...!
  4. https://www.techconnect.com/video/92207/how-to-manually-delay-windows-updates
  5. I know email is generally not encrypted. I needed another email address so went looking for one that provided encryption. I found this one: https://protonmail.com/ Also seems to be free... Almost too good to be true... It has a real impressive website...! Anyone here have any experience with it....? Thanks...!
  6. capjak

    block popups

    How do I block those irritating popup ads from Kim Komando that appear on almost every web page. I have been a KK Club member for quite a few years and I think that the irritation from those ads will cause me to Leo Lepote's site.
  7. bearrfoot

    Windows 10 Recovery

    Hi CW, I just ran across this thread and find it maybe describes a solution to my problem, which is backup and restore ability for my Acer Win 10 desktop machine which came loaded and ready to run, so I got no source DVD with it. I see those 2 links you give above now provide update to an April 2018 version. Does MS keep the latest version on those links, and will they update all previous versions to the latest...? Will those two links provide a solution to the problem of a failed HDD...? I find I am able to create a system image backup drive, but I've never been able to restore it into another HDD. I have successfully created a Boot-Up Flash drive, which will boot up the machine, but it never will jump thru all the hoops MS has set in the path of loading the system image into the new HDD -- i.e. restoring the system. Thanks much for any comments.....!!
  8. I am desperate to back up my Win 10 desktop...! MS tools will NOT work (can create system backup image BUT restore always hangs...!) I have downloaded and attempted cloning with AMEIO Backupper, but the clone it creates will never boot up. My machine now has not been backed up in 3 years...! So I just downloaded a Win 10 version (2.08.0) of XXCLONE, which was the last version since creator Pixielabs folded up. In the past I have successfully used XXCLONE on previous computers from Win2000 thru WinXP. So I was hopeful this would work. But noooo... now Win 10 will not even allow me to install it, giving error message that it is obsolete and giving me advice to visit the Pixielab website... which of course no longer exists....!! Does anyone here know of a work-around to get past this MS foolishness....? Pixielabs did have 4 releases of XXCLONE prior to folding up in 2017, so there's a good chance it would work on mine dating from 2015.... Thanks....!
  9. imagramma

    Whi is "imf24.b.hostedemail.com"

    Looking at the source code from a spam email, this address is at the top. When I did a Google search not much comes up. I don't understand the results that do show.
  10. imagramma

    Spam email wanting money

    I keep getting spam email wanting money put into a bitcoin wallet. I copied this from the source code. Nothing has happened yet. There is more to the message. He wants $846. How can I report this or where can I report it? The original email is: imf24.b.hostedemail.com My BTC wallet: 1JTtwbvmM7ymByxPYCByVYCwasjH49J3Vj f you do not know how to do this - enter into Google "how to transfer money to a bitcoin wallet". It is not difficult. After receiving the specified amount, all your data will be immediately destroyed automatically. My virus will also remove itself from your operating system. My Trojan have auto alert, after this email is read, I will be know it! I give you 2 days (48 hours) to make a payment.
  11. Recently, I have been getting spam emails with several old passwords that I have not used for years, in the subject. I move them to the spam folder but they keep coming. When I hover over the From box the sent email keeps changing. How can I stop these?
  12. Do not know where to post this question. we are a group of 30 who want to get together online and be able to see one another and interact with one another without having to download software,etc. free is good but would not mind principle user, (group leader ) to pay something. MUST be secure for all. How can i find this kind of information. ? I am a kims club member (twelve years) and she used to speak about 'go to meeting', but has not lately. I did a search on her site but could find no recommendations. can someone direct me ? I have been online and there seems to be many of such like sites but i would like the one we use to be reliable and SECURE for all, one which has a recommendation. thank you so much al
  13. Have you got a recommendation, for a reliable, bootable, Mac, 512GB USB 3.0 thumb-drive ?
  14. Scifigirl

    monthly subscriptions

    Hi Kim, I was wondering if the monthly premiums have dropped in price for military, first responders, and over age 65 Kim's Club members? I received an amount less than $7.95 deducted from my bank account.
  15. marvinambrose

    No display; screen blank

    I have Toshiba laptop Satellite L755-S5154 circa 2005. It was used fairly often always plugged in for 9 years. Then the last three years not used except very occasionally. Now the screen is blank and the computer seems to be working. Is the machine toast or can it be repaired? Thank you for your input.
  16. MUTigerFan

    Remove an Adobe Program

    I have an IMAC computer and since I use Preview for PDF files, I would like to remove Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Opening the program asks if I want to make it my primary application but I click No. The only reason I downloaded the application was in the past certain websites required Adobe Reader only. The program has an update so I am trying to decide if I need it. My question is what is the best way to uninstall the program to remove all files if I remove it.
  17. Apple may have gotten chintzy, and NOT sprung, for the Qualcomm communication-chips (instead, they used the inferior Intel chips) -- thus, the reception problems, which spoil the latest iPhones ! ( I don't know why, unless it is pure greed -- Apple certainly has the cash, to produce a decent product ) .
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