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  2. Finally managed to get the Boot Flash working. Actually boots up the machine and dares me to try system recovery. But as usual for me, it's hopeless with MS tools. Since Win 2000 I have NEVER managed to backup and restore a system using the MS tools that came with it. I've managed to survive up thru WinXP using XXclone. This bombed on Win 7. Would create the clone OK, but never could get one to boot up...! Fortunately, Win 10 came along before I needed to...... So now 3 years into Win 10 on this machine I find MS still pumping from the same well... Backup and Restore don't work. Here is the error message I get... pretty much unintelligible to this retired hardware guy: ========================================= 1) No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found. Try the following: A probable system disk may have been excluded by mistake. a. Review the list of disks that you have excluded from the recovery for a likely disk. b. Type LIST DISK command in the DISKPART comand interpreter (what's that?). The probable system disk is usually the first disk listed in the results. c. If possible, remove the disk from the exclusion list and then retry the recovery. 2) A USB disk may have been assigned as a system disk. a. Detach all USB disks from the computer. b. Reboot into Windows Recovery Environment (Win RE) [what's that?], then reattach USB disks and retry the recovery. 3) An invalid disk may have been assigned as a system disk. a. Physically detach the disk from your computer. Then boot into Win RE to retry the recovery. =========================================== But hey, maybe the xxclone guys have now got a Win10 solution and so I go looking. But I find xxclone is no more as the founder of the company apparently has passed on. But googling xxclone brings up a product called "AOMEI Backupper", a cloning product supposedley even better than xxclone. Anybody here familiar with it...? Is it safe to download......? Thanks much for any suggestions.....!
  3. If my new credit-cards, are RFID-near-field-capable, why do the gold-contacts, make contact, with the reader ?
  4. The "AI Saves Eyesight" Kim's podcast, gets a "404-error" on iTunes !
  5. I've been recently getting requests, for connection to TCP Port #554 (decimal ; outgoing) -- what does it do ???
  6. leftblank15

    Has Amazon Prime, ever gone on sale, on "Prime Day" ?

  7. HELP ME PLEASE The last several weeks I have had issues with Facebook dropping off after just a few seconds. I have tried deleting the app and ,then going to the App Store and adding it back to my iPhone and iPad. Sometimes that helps for a couple minutes but then it goes back to shutting down again. Does anyone have a fix for me?
  8. Ginny9255

    Moto won't read book?

    I have a Moto and the Amazon Kindle app installed and Wireless Bluetooth speakers that it has recognized, however, when I select a book that I have d\l from the Amazon site, it doesn't read the book. Isn't it supposed to do that? Thanks
  9. Ginny9255

    E-reader troubles?

    I have a W 10 Lenovo ThinkPad. I have the Amazon Kindle app installed and have purchased several books that say they are downloaded and ready. I purchased a wireless Bluetooth headphone set but I am unable to get the computer to recognize the headphones. I would like to be able to hear the book read to me. What am I doing incorrectly? Assuming I can find a way to get the headphones recognized, must I have Audible installed to have it read? I thought W 10 came with a reader? Thanks
  10. A couple years ago I bought a new Acer desktop computer with Win 10 preloaded on it. Best computer I've ever owned...! Hasn't skipped a beat yet. So I thought it's time to do a system backup, as I did not get a Win 10 source disk with it, and have NO WAY to reinstall Windows if it crashes. With help from a copy of "Windows 10 Step by Step" I apparently succeeded in creating a system image backup on a new hard disk, then proceeded to attempt to create a Boot Flashdrive. There are 6 simple numbered steps in the book. I whipped thru the first 5 with no problem. Step number 6 says "click the CREATE button to start the process". The result is "Windows cannot create........" and gives NO indication of what to do next.... and not a word about it in the book either....!! Anybody know.....? Thanks...!
  11. Haven't certain "backdoor"s, been linked to the inbound (to our computers), manifestations, of these ports ? ( And, what port, is SSHFS, on ? ) .
  12. How does "DuckDuckGo", make money, and continue to exist, if I am not "tracked", when using their search-engine ?
  13. imagramma

    Yahoo and Spam

    Does Yahoo check all of the websites that list content and ads on their sites for spam and malicious links? Is the spam coming from clicking on the links, or the links inside the articles. My husband keeps getting lots of spam in his email.
  14. Has Amazon Prime, ever gone on sale, on "Prime Day" ?
  15. For years I've been storing my passwords on a couple of secure flash drives which require the correct password to be entered within 5 tries to allow entry. If an incorrect password is entered 5 times, the chip is automatically erased. These chips are a Sandisk product that is no longer available. I'm beginning to think I'd better replace them, as I'm aware there is a limit to how many times flash chips can be erased and reprogrammed without losing data. But I have not found a suitable product. I have tried a couple of newer alternatives (UltrLock and Kingston DTLocker), but both are far too difficult to set up and use than the old Sandisk. Seems almost like learning a new operating system...! Does anyone here know of a currently available security flash drive that works similar to the old Sandisk…? Thanks....!
  16. I have "Keynote", "Pages", & "Numbers", apps, on my Mac -- are these, a direct substitute, for "Microsoft Office" ?
  17. Thank you . Actually, I shouldn't have mentioned "Meltdown"-flaws, since, supposedly, THAT is now "patch-able", but a portion of the "Spectre"-flaws, is only correctable, in hardware . Please keep me posted, when hardware is available, that fixes this, as I will be in the market, to buy the fix !
  18. CWojno


    I'm testing a new post. Episode IV: A new Post
  19. Are the new Intel "i9"-series of CPUs, to be affected, by the Meltdown & Spectre, flaws ?  
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