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  2. Do not know where to post this question. we are a group of 30 who want to get together online and be able to see one another and interact with one another without having to download software,etc. free is good but would not mind principle user, (group leader ) to pay something. MUST be secure for all. How can i find this kind of information. ? I am a kims club member (twelve years) and she used to speak about 'go to meeting', but has not lately. I did a search on her site but could find no recommendations. can someone direct me ? I have been online and there seems to be many of such like sites but i would like the one we use to be reliable and SECURE for all, one which has a recommendation. thank you so much al
  3. Last week
  4. Have you got a recommendation, for a reliable, bootable, Mac, 512GB USB 3.0 thumb-drive ?
  5. Scifigirl

    monthly subscriptions

    Hi Kim, I was wondering if the monthly premiums have dropped in price for military, first responders, and over age 65 Kim's Club members? I received an amount less than $7.95 deducted from my bank account.
  6. Earlier
  7. marvinambrose

    No display; screen blank

    I have Toshiba laptop Satellite L755-S5154 circa 2005. It was used fairly often always plugged in for 9 years. Then the last three years not used except very occasionally. Now the screen is blank and the computer seems to be working. Is the machine toast or can it be repaired? Thank you for your input.
  8. MUTigerFan

    Remove an Adobe Program

    I have an IMAC computer and since I use Preview for PDF files, I would like to remove Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Opening the program asks if I want to make it my primary application but I click No. The only reason I downloaded the application was in the past certain websites required Adobe Reader only. The program has an update so I am trying to decide if I need it. My question is what is the best way to uninstall the program to remove all files if I remove it.
  9. Apple may have gotten chintzy, and NOT sprung, for the Qualcomm communication-chips (instead, they used the inferior Intel chips) -- thus, the reception problems, which spoil the latest iPhones ! ( I don't know why, unless it is pure greed -- Apple certainly has the cash, to produce a decent product ) .
  10. I have an Acer desktkop. I have successfully created a backup "system image" hard disk and a boot flash drive, as described in Lambert's "Windows 10 Step by Step". But when I attempt to use these to re-create my system on a new hard drive, I get this error message: "No disk that can be used for recovering the system can be found." As usual (since Windows 2000), I cannot get Microsoft's backup and restore tools to work....! Prior to Win 75 I was able to use XXclone to back up my systems. Now that appears to be gone. Recently I ran across a cloning program called AOMEI Backupper. Is anybody here familiar with this... have any opinions.....? Thanks...!
  11. A 7-year-old whiz kid is becoming addicted to Fortnight and iPhone games. He is as talented with the iPhone 6 as I am with Windows XP pro (at 80 I refuse to change). Are there any online programming lessons or pc/iPhone diversions such as youtube video uploads, or learning to animate, or video editing for 7-year-old whiz kids to learn, possibly about remote control or security? Anything to save him from addiction to gaming at this age. At present, he does not bite if the parents tell him to set it down, but he does growl and goes into withdrawal.
  12. Dickfromminneola

    I can't download the show on my Ipod

    I am unable to download the Kim komando show from Itunes. When I search for it in podcasts it does not give the show as an option. I can't figure what I am doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated
  13. I have the latest FF Quantum and now, suddenly, it crashes Facebook. I can use FB in Chrome and Edge with no issues. I uninstalled and reinstalled FireFox but to no avail. Suggestions?
  14. It turns-out, that there WAS a conflict, but I removed MalwareBytes, uninstalled Intego Premium X9, and re-installed, and re-authorized Intego Premium X9, and now Intego Premium X9, works significantly better .
  15. I seem to have Turkish certificates on my Keychain, on my Mac -- should I be worried ?
  16. Ginny9255

    FireFox crashing in FaceBook?

    I have the latest FF Quantum and now, suddenly, it crashes Facebook. I can use FB in Chrome and Edge with no issues. I uninstalled and reinstalled FireFox but to no avail. Suggestions?
  17. amber

    Where is the "My Content" Button...?

    Try the "Content I Follow"link here: http://forum.komando.com/followed/ This was under the "Hi, (member name)" link at the verify top of the site. I hope that helps!
  18. That is the only way I could find my questions and answers on the forums...!
  19. Does anybody know if there's an app or a website I can go to globally that will give me the layout of any apartment complex as a delivery driver? I work for GrubHub, UberEats and Doordash and the most confusing part of my job is finding people in their Apartments. I was able to find a map application for malls and airports but that was it. Apartment Layout App?
  20. I found-out, that this port, is for some-sort of video-streaming .
  21. There was a recent Kim Komando quip, about an "Unbreakable" smart-phone-glass -- which model(s) would that be on ?
  22. mikeeusa

    jetpack to ethernet

    Currently have DSL and wanted to get more speed, reliability and portability. Looking at the Verizon Jetpack and it only seems to be a wifi type router. Home is wired for Ethernet and was wondering if there is a way to get the jetpack signal into the ethernet system. Some of my devices are in far flung areas and so wifi would be sketchy. Seems like at one time I saw a USB/ethernet adapter. Next question will be; just how many gig's can I afford and what will be sufficient. The portability angle is that I would like to take it with me in my RV, need this for security and camground unreliable wifi.
  23. I have a mixture, of old, and new, CAT-5e Ethernet-Patch-Cables, with various demarcations on the cables, regarding EIA/TIA-568"A","B",&"C"-types . I'm trying to standardize . I've visited technical articles, online, but cannot decipher them . Can I ALWAYS use, the "C", variety ?
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