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  1. tnt92fox

    ICE-info app

    I've used ICE from Appventive for 3-4 years and really like it; but for about a month now, the widget is no longer accessible from the lockscreen, and they do not answer my emails to their support group. I think the problem may have been caused by an Android update? I'm using a Galaxy S9. I'd like help with how to fix it, or advice on a different app that allows first-responders to access my ICE-info from the lockscreen. Thanks.
  2. tnt92fox

    Samsung phone android updates

    If I purchase a Galaxy S8 from say Amazon, and use it with my ATT cellular plan, who provides the android updates, ATT or Samsung? And how long will updates be provided?
  3. tnt92fox

    slideshow to DVD software

    I have many photos from a trip to Israel that I want to put in a slideshow and then burn to a DVD. I'd like the ability to rearrange the photos, choose the slide timing (up to about 30 seconds), add frames with titles, add music, and then produce the slideshow in a format that will play on a DVD player. Does anyone know of a software program that will do all this? (W10 pc) I used Cyberlink PhotoDirector to produce a slideshow, but it produced in MP4 format, that won't play on a DVD player.
  4. tnt92fox

    issue with Explorer

    I'm running W10 and have noticed an issue with Windows Explorer. When I select Documents, Turbotax under This PC, I get different results than using C, users, my name, documents, turbotax. Why is that and how to fix?
  5. tnt92fox

    W10 USB recovery drive

    When I try to create a recovery drive, I get an error message that windows cannot create a recovery drive...some required files are missing. How to fix? I created a recovery drive about 1-1/2 years ago, but now get the error message. I tried sfc/scannow but no issues were found.
  6. tnt92fox

    Amazon Alexa

    There are 2 different devices from Amazon, the Echo Dot ($50) and the Echo ($180). Can anyone explain why I would get the more expensive one? Seems the only difference is the quality of the speakers?
  7. I found the answer to my question: had to go to g.co/allowaccess from another device, and then was able to connect to gmail via WLM.
  8. I've used WLM to get my gmail (IMAP) for years, but I recently changed my Google password; now WLM says password incorrect for gmail even when I type in the new password. How to fix? I tried deleting the gmail account in WLM and reinstalling, but no change. I can get into Gmail via the web and the new password, just not via WLM.
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