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  1. I cancelled my icloud account about four months ago. Since then I get a popup telling me that the account is closed. Another popup will appear telling me to reinstate my account. I have absolutely NO interest in having anything to do with icloud. I have sent messages to icloud asking that the messages stop. How do I get rid of these messages?
  2. capjak

    block popups

    How do I block those irritating popup ads from Kim Komando that appear on almost every web page. I have been a KK Club member for quite a few years and I think that the irritation from those ads will cause me to Leo Lepote's site.
  3. I have a Vista desktop that has been upgraded to W7. Occasionally the screen goes black. The only way to regain control is to unplug the machine. Upon repowering the computer, the page that comes up remarks about the incorrect shutdown. After it goes through the startup procedure, it operates normally. There is no unique situation that triggers the black screen. It has occurred while using Quicken, surfing tghe net, playing freecell, etc. Sometimes the computer will work fine for a couple of weeks and other times it may shut down in a couple of days. The local computer shop has no idea and I can't reproduce the shutdown for him. The motherboard does not have any dust on it. Any suggestion? Thanks, Jack
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