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  1. If my new credit-cards, are RFID-near-field-capable, why do the gold-contacts, make contact, with the reader ?
  2. When will Intel, produce CPUs, that are immune, to the "Spectre" flaws ??? -- what time-frame ??? I plan to forestall a new Mac laptop purchase, if at-all, possible !
  3. I have a mixture, of old, and new, CAT-5e Ethernet-Patch-Cables, with various demarcations on the cables, regarding EIA/TIA-568"A","B",&"C"-types . I'm trying to standardize . I've visited technical articles, online, but cannot decipher them . Can I ALWAYS use, the "C", variety ?
  4. Have you got a recommendation, for a reliable, bootable, Mac, 512GB USB 3.0 (or, maybe, even, a 1TB) thumb-drive ?
  5. I found & bought, a 1TB thumb-drive, from PNY, which I managed to clone, my Mac's internal 1TB SSD, from .
  6. I'm being blocked from viewing some YouTube videos, unless I setup, some weird type of Google account ! ( ... at least, that is what the message, says ! ) . I can't seem, to figure-out, how !
  7. I seem to have Turkish certificates on my Keychain, on my Mac -- should I be worried ?
  8. trofire.com (America's Lawyer) is posting an article claiming, that Samsung is trying to dissuade the courts, from allowing consumers, to successfully class-action-sue, to recover damages, from faulty phones ! They are trying to close the court-doors, by enforcing the "arbitration"-clause, in lieu of a trial . https://trofire.com/2019/02/13/samsung-wants-to-take-away-your-right-to-sue-them-for-bad-phones/ .
  9. Are URL's, containing the domain: youtu.be , actually dangerous sites, located in Beylarussia ?
  10. leftblank15

    Is the domain: youtu.be , dangerous websites, in Belarussia ?

    I seem to be essentially correct (that this is a "phishing" domain), but I just got the country, wrong -- according to the following NASA link, the country code, corresponding to ".be", is Belgium : https://goes.gsfc.nasa.gov/text/web_country_codes.html .
  11. Apple may have gotten chintzy, and NOT sprung, for the Qualcomm communication-chips (instead, they used the inferior Intel chips) -- thus, the reception problems, which spoil the latest iPhones ! ( I don't know why, unless it is pure greed -- Apple certainly has the cash, to produce a decent product ) .
  12. I placed a call, using iOS 12.1.3, and there doesn't seem to be a problem (with the phone, having the Qualcomm chip), like there may have been, with the iOS 12.1.2 update .
  13. https://www.techconnect.com/video/92207/how-to-manually-delay-windows-updates
  14. There was a recent Kim Komando quip, about an "Unbreakable" smart-phone-glass -- which model(s) would that be on ?
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