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  1. looking for online video/slideshow creator. Anyone know of a good online slideshow /video creator where I can put my own music track to a sequence of photos.? The one Kim recommended (stupeflix)has gone out of business. "Photosnack", another one I used, has closed shop also. I just tried another one "Light MV".. did not work..my photos would not upload to their template. HELP PLEASE..if you will.
  2. alimagoo

    online slideshow maker

    excellent find.. called Photostage..excellent excellent excellent. They have some period of free use but I purchased a Premium package which you can pay for and use quarterly, I believe. It is excellent software. I have a Mac. I had about 20 slides to put into a slideshow - with music. I could control time viewing slides as well as time between slides; the way slides passed in sequence; music duration; I could add text.. This may be my only complaint in that I could not adjust text size. But all in all it is excellent. Definitely worth a try if anyone wants to create a top notch slide show. I saved my slide show into a .MOV file and then could send it to dropbox or could send it anywhere on social media ( which I do not use) or keep in on my computer. I totally recommend Photostage. They also had good customer support, when I asked them a question by e mail. **i like to share info if I post to forums and find an answer when no one gives me one .:) cheerio
  3. Do not know where to post this question. we are a group of 30 who want to get together online and be able to see one another and interact with one another without having to download software,etc. free is good but would not mind principle user, (group leader ) to pay something. MUST be secure for all. How can i find this kind of information. ? I am a kims club member (twelve years) and she used to speak about 'go to meeting', but has not lately. I did a search on her site but could find no recommendations. can someone direct me ? I have been online and there seems to be many of such like sites but i would like the one we use to be reliable and SECURE for all, one which has a recommendation. thank you so much al
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