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Found 7 results

  1. What is the current status, of JavaScript, specifically, as it relates-to, the latest v67.0.1 Firefox Browser ? ( ... and, also, the Safari Browser ? ) .
  2. I seem to have Turkish certificates on my Keychain, on my Mac -- should I be worried ?
  3. What is the deal, with PC-compatibility, the netbios daemon, the samba technology, and (outbound [?]) port #s 137,138,139 & #445 ?   All I know, is that these ports were open on TCP & UDP (I think, outbound to my local network), until I blocked-them with the Mac third-party application called "Little Snitch" .    
  4. teacherlady

    Apple ID on my Mac

    Can I change my email address in ITunes/Apple from the current Verizon email to my Gmail account? How?
  5. SMB operates, not only on incoming-and-outgoing Ports 139 & 445, but also on incoming-and-outgoing Ports 137 & 138 ! SMB-capability, is prevalent in, at least Macs, as well as Window-systems . If it is present in Macs, it might also be present in Linux-systems . The komando.com article, https://www.komando.com/happening-now/412514/turn-this-windows-service-off-right-now-it-leaves-you-vulnerable-to-attacks?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=notd&utm_content=2017-08-07-article-c , warning against the "SMBLoris" vulnerability ONLY mentioned incoming-Ports 139 & 445, but NOT incoming-Ports 137 & 138, and ONLY mentioned it on Windows-systems ! -- Shouldn't the warning be expanded ?
  6. What is the IP_addr=, and why is my Mac, sending to-it ? I went under /Library/System/Core\ Services/Applicaitons/Network\ Monitor.app , and selected "Netstat" -- I got a different result, than the "Terminal.app"'s "netstat -i", or "netstat -an" results . When I blocked the IP_addr= , my iTunes tunes, stopped ! What is going-on ? Am I broadcasting to the entire Internet, or what ?
  7. Is the 6th generation Intel i7 CPU (present in the late-2016 15-inch TouchBar MacBook Pro), really that much better than the 4th generation i7 CPU (which is present in the prior mid-2015 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro) ? I think that the 6th gen., has a 14-nanometer(nm) separation, between its circuitry, whereas the 4th. gen., has something like a 22-nm separation, so the 6th gen. should theoretically generate less heat and consume less power (and thus contribute to a longer battery-life) .
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