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Found 13 results

  1. I seem to have Turkish certificates on my Keychain, on my Mac -- should I be worried ?
  2. Hi. I've got both free_MalwareBytes, and Intego's VirusBarrier X9, running on a High Sierra MacOS v10.13.1 15-inch_Mid-2015_Retina_MacBook-Pro laptop . This shouldn't cause a problem, should it ?
  3. I've been recently getting requests, for connection to TCP Port #554 (decimal ; outgoing) -- what does it do ???
  4. What is the deal, with PC-compatibility, the netbios daemon, the samba technology, and (outbound [?]) port #s 137,138,139 & #445 ?   All I know, is that these ports were open on TCP & UDP (I think, outbound to my local network), until I blocked-them with the Mac third-party application called "Little Snitch" .    
  5. Have the recently-discovered security-problems, in WiFi & Bluetooth, been plugged/patched, on both routers & Macs ? If it hasn't been plugged on the routers, can you suggest a DSL-router that has no WiFi capability (to make sure that it is only hardwired-capable) ?
  6. MerryC

    PCmatic v. avg v kapersky

    I have always taken Kim's advice as gospel and use the programs she reviews and endorses. AVG seems to use so much of my cpu and memory although free, I see lots of ads of pcmatic being a US company and have never seen any comparisons or mention on any of Kim's sites I get. Although Kim recommends Kapersky, I am wary of a Russian program at this tine given everything that is going on, not that I am that important to want to hack, but...On my computer Ihave Windows Firewall, AVG, Malwarebytes (paid), Carbonite and Last Pass for my important programs. I also have Idrive which I got because of Kim's recommendation as a trial, BUT seems Carbonite works better because I can pause it and turn it back on when I am not heavily using the computer and Idrive is always on unless I go into Services and stop it since it take a lot of CPU space and memory while I try to work and slows everything down. Anyway, What about that PCmatic program? Is it any good. And is there a way to pause idrive without having to turn it off? Merry
  7. I'm a fan of grc.com's "Shields Up!" site -- Shouldn't my modem/router "stealth" my incoming software-ports ? In probing the recent "DoublePulsar" incoming-software-TCP-port#445 (SMB/Samba), it only shows a "closed", and not a "stealth"ed status . Shouldn't my modem/router, be doing a better job of "stealth"ing, my incoming-software-ports ?
  8. I've got a pesky relative, who is turning to me, to evaluate the new "Norton Core", but I am not trained in this new product, and have limited network-engineering knowledge . Can you point-out, its advantages and drawbacks ?
  9. Greetings. I'm a new member (long-time listener) and YES, I do raise sheep. Also llamas, ducks, chickens, ranch dogs et al. I spin my own wool. My interests include cyber security, protecting health information, augmented communication and AI adaptations for helping people with disabilities/ medical conditions to have 'Ability' and to live joyfully. I have a small private psychiatric mental health practice and work with local law enforcement and crisis intervention / first responders to help keep our communities safe and healthy. I was a safety officer and disaster preparedness instructor in my 'former life'. I come from a family of engineers and musicians and have a neuro-atypical view of the world that I'm not ashamed of. I remember the garage days of digital infancy. My doctoral dissertation (way back when) focused on how to help teens with Type 1 diabetes detect early blood sugar highs and lows using hand held 'pocket computers' (Psions) that I programmed myself. It was a very early version of the concept of symptom tracking and self-management for chronic health conditions. Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur, when I see my patient's FIT BITS. I love data. I like Arc-GIS and almost wish I'd gone into engineering instead of health care. Visual information and 'systems thinking' are some of my favorite things. I'm interested in creating a 'Maker Space' in rural Montana. So anyone who has an interest to join me on this, please contact me.
  10. "GoldenEye" Worm -- you didn't provide enough detials, as to how to protect a PC ! Is this another leaked NSA "backdoor", in action ? Can we block-off some port-number (either incoming, or outgoing), to prevent this ? What is the name of the file, that can be created, that supposedly protects a PC, against this malware ? Does it affect Macs ?
  11. My prior post to this forum, regarding the "SMB" [samba?] services on Ports #137, #138, and #139, as well as #445 (especially in the "TCP"-protocols), is more than a year-old, and thus seems to be inaccessable, but no matter . I don't think that I ever fully understood the role of "SMB" [samba?] on the Mac, but there seems to be a storm-a-brewing on the PC, involving a former NSA backdoor on incoming TCP Port #445 (decimal), that has been leaked to the nefarious hacking-community, and they seem to be placing "DoublePulsar" malware on PCs that have this port "open" . Now, on my Mac, I have "Little Snitch", as port-controlling, 3rd-party software, and, hopefully, Little Snitch doesn't have this port "whitelisted" . What should I be advising my PC-friends, regarding the closing of their TCP Port #445 (decimal ; incoming) ( or, has this been "patched", already ? ) . Supposedly, a lot of backdoors are "piggybacked" on legitimate port-services, so what functionality would a PC-owner lose, by blocking-off TCP Port #445 (decimal ; incoming) ?
  12. traveler5

    DeBug Malware Error 895

    Just received a message from 'myshoppingcart.info' reading Microsoft System Security Alert, that the lap top is under attack by ROOT-TROJAN-HARDDISK-HIJACK.EXE. Is this a legitimate message from Microsoft? And is 855-459-6660 really a number to the Microsoft Support Desk? Thank you!
  13. Do all WiFi IP-addresses, start with a "10" (as in, 10.x.x.x) ?
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