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I have a number of email addresses. My question is this: If I have my own domain name, for example "John Doe.Com" can I use this as a means to get email from one source under my own name? Secondly, having the domain name is only the first step. The next thing is, you have to pay for the use of a so called hosting service? Thus, having Google, Yahoo, msn, is really the only way to go for people not interested in doing business. In other words, having one's own domain name is a waste for those who really don't have a good reason for same? Of course, it may be a good reason to keep someone else from using your name for commercial purposes like a porn site if you're a minister or something of that nature. Thanks for your help


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Just depends on what you want to do. If you are vain enough to want your own domain you should be willing to pay the price. It is really not very expensive. I think mine is about 30-50$ per year plus $20/ year for the name when ordered over multiple years. I enjoy it and do not mind the price. I also have a vanity license plate.Tis nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. -- Hamlet

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