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Kim's article how do ads follow me around online?

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Yes, that's the one she's referring to. Keep in mind that this is an "opt out" option intended to inform advertisers and other third parties that you do not wish to be tracked while browsing the web. This concept was introduced in the Do Not Track Online Act of 2011 and the Do Not Track Kids Act of 2015. However, neither of these bills has yet to pass the House; and if when and if they ever do, they would still need to pass the Senate and then obtain presidential approval before ever becoming enforceable law. Therefore, no advertising company or other third party is obligated to respect your do not track request. And even if the US ever does pass these bills into enforceable laws, the Internet is not restricted to our country. Our government does not have governing over the entire Internet, and our laws often conflict with those of other countries. So, don't expect a do not track request to be honored by entities that are outside of our jurisdiction.

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