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Working Remotely From Home

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I am interested in remotely working from home, i have signed up to field agent (which has nothing for my area) i have signed up to leap force, and flex jobs wants money from me. I'm a COMPTIA A+ Certified Computer Technician/Certified Computer user support specialist (theirs nothing i cant do with a computer accept for C++ Programming, ive been working with computers since i was 7 years old, first computer was a commador 64 I am now 32 years old) im looking for technical support work, my only option is to work remotely from home as i also have disabilities and cant do physical labor, i type over 100 words a minute on a mechanical keyboard, ive also signed up to an inbound sales website, but have not heard back. I have experience with team viewer (a remote VNC) im just wondering if anyone knows any legitimate data entry or tech support websites that i can apply for and work for, any and all help/suggestions are very much appreciated :) thank you,


william steele

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There are many IT support positions available that allow you to work from home. The following are my two recommendations.

1.)  Create a free account with indeed.com and begin searching for jobs related to IT support. You should create a resume in the account so that employers can find you and see your qualifications. And when you conduct a job search, you can save that search as an alert so that it notifies you when there are new matches in the future. You should create multiple searches/alerts using specific search terms, such as web development, or web design; mobile app development; database management; computer support; etc. You can also include something like Certified Computer Technician or COMPTIA A+ to ensure that jobs requiring that certification are retrieved. You should also add the phrase Work From Home, or Telecommute to make sure you get jobs posted by employers expecting telecommute job candidates.


2.)  Join a website that specializing in helping freelancers find work. While freelance work doesn't exactly provide the same job security as an actual job, meaning that there will be periods of downtime in between jobs, freelancing can be worth while for someone with such a broad range of qualifications/abilities. Each such sites has their differences, but the ones I would recommend specifically are Guru.com and UpWork. With Guru, you can define many different types of jobs you an accept and you will appear to employers looking for freelancers in those areas of work. You will also receive e-mail notifications when matching jobs are posting, allowing you to login and view those matches in more detail in your Dashboard. From there, you can apply by submitting a bid/cost proposal for the job matches and the employer then picks the candidate he/she wishes to hire for that particular job. Some jobs can be completed for a flat free, while others can be billed on an hourly basis or as a project, with separate milestones that are paid for as they are reached. Guru also provides SafePay, an escrow service that allows the employer to provide the funding for the upcoming week's worth of work, or the cost of the next milestone. When that week or milestone is completed, the freelancer's invoice is automatically paid out of SafePay, with the employer having a few days to dispute the payment if necessary. It provides added security for both the freelancer and the employer. Guru also provides an arbitration system for any disputes between the two parties. There is a fee charged to the freelancer, and a fee charged to the employer for using their website, and they also sell skills test if you're interested in completing those. Successfully completing a skills test for a certain skills allows potential employers to see that you really are knowledgeable in that area. Just keep in mind that you may have to offer yourself up at a lower rate than you're really worth at first, in order to build up a reputation on their system. Once you've completed a few jobs, and received good reviews from employers, you will find that it becomes much easier to win bids on other jobs because employers weigh heavily on that information. And if you can add skills tests to that as well, some employers would be more than happy to pay higher rates knowing that you can deliver higher quality work in a timely manner. UpWork has many similar features and works much the same way. It is currently the most popular freelance website and is growing fast, so there are more job opportunities found there. However, I have personally found that it is much more difficult to offer a variety of services through UpWork than it is through Guru.com.


Also, I would highly recommend Instant Housecall or one of LogMeIn's remote PC support solutions over TeamViewer when providing remote tech support. Both are much more reliable and secure than TeamViewer and offer additional features not found in other such software. They are not free, but if you regularly sell your remote support services, they will definitely pay for themselves.

Instant Housecall (free trial): http://bit.ly/2d7LxSc


LogMeIn Rescue (free trial): http://bit.ly/2d7Lw0E


LogMeIn Pro/Central 9free trial): http://bit.ly/2d7LGop

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Guru isnt really what im looking for, that seems to be geared towards work in software development, and doesnt come up with anything under remote computer technician


theres about 3 pages of remote computer technician on upwork


flexjobs requires a subscription to apply for jobs i dont have the money for right now


i havent built a website in many years, i can do website layouts and design and HTML and CSS, as well as install PHP Forums and things like that and MySQL Databases and setup .com .net addresses ...etc but i dont have any flash experience really, nor dreamweaver.. i do own adobe photoshop cs3 though and know how to use it

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