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How to control access to certain sites

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I have an 11 year old that needs to access the internet for school.  I want to block access to sites that he should not be looking at, such as game sites and other more ominous sites like porn.  How do I do that?  


I have a PC with windows.  We use Mozilla, Opera and Explorer.


Your help is much appreciated.


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There's plenty of browser plugins and third party programs that will allow you to block a website from being viewed. However, one of the downfalls of these methods is that your child only needs to learn how to disable the plugin or program, then they're browsing freely.


I found this article on PCWorld that is quite technical, but will do the trick. You'll need to have a comprehensive list of websites that you want to block, first. Check it out:




If that isn't want you're looking for, I suggest running a search for 'how to block websites' and exploring some of the third party apps or programs that may be of use.


Hope you have a great day!


- Travis

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