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Roku Express won't connect to Hulu...!

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I posted this in "Audio and Music", but perhaps this is more appropriate...


After reading Kim's article on streaming services, I planned to use Hulu to stream  video to my 50" Panasonic TV which had an ethernet internet connection.  After opening the Hulu account and looking at the equipment requirements, I determined my TV was not compatible. I went to the Hulu site, where a guy on the other end of the chat line advised that a Roku Express would make my TV compatible with the latest Hulu services.  So I bought one, hooked it up to the TV.  It lit up my screen and immediately installed a firmware update from Roku, then allowed me to set up a connection to my Wifi network, and thus to my laptop.  So far, so good...


But nothing yet connected to Hulu, even though there was a HULU button on the Roku remote.  It did nothing.  So I went to Roku.com looking for help and began to open an account.  I went  as far as the page that asked me for a credit card number, then stopped because I don't want that scattered around anyplace I don't plan to spend any money.  At that point I thought the Roku account would go away, as I had not completed the process, and the Roku site did not even give an exit path... I HAD TO SHUT DOWN THE LAPTOP TO GET OFF THAT PAGE...!  However, when logged back in to Roku, still looking for technical info, I found my account had indeed been created.  But I didn't find any info as to how to get the Roku unit to connect with Hulu.


So, back to the Hulu chat line, and I learn that there is a "Hulu app" that should have come already installed in the Roku Express, and maybe it was missing, and I should be able to download and install it from Roku.


Does anyone here know how to do this...?  Do I actually have to give Roku my credit card number to do it (I would expect it should be free)...?

Thanks much for any help...!


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