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RAID 10 Help Needed

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I have a Media Center PC running Windows 7 Ultimate that has been serving me well for quite a few years.  The Gigabyte main board supports RAID 10.  The RAID has four 3TB drives.  A connection to one or more of the drives has been disturbed twice during all of this time, and I'm still wrestling with the second failure.  All of my data is backed up to an 8TB external disk, so no panic.  I have always been under the impression that one of RAID's benefits is that if a drive fails, the RAID can rebuild itself when a new identical drive is installed.  This does not appear to happen easily with my system.  In response to the first failure, I simply deleted the RAID, redefined it, and restored the data.  The Raid component on the motherboard is from AMD.


Right now one of the arrays (2 disks) has been disturbed. They are now single healthy disks as reported by the initial disk scan during POST.  All of my data is still accessible since the RAID is still "half working": Two disks that are still striped are fine.


Can anyone point me in the right direction to be able to rebuild a RAID 10 with RAID Expert or another solution.  The redundancy and speed are nice, but time necessary to restore a RAID as I have tempts me to just treat all four of these disks as non-related so I'll have 12TB of storage, but I'd really rather have a means to more easily manage my RAID 10.



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