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New Virus? - RED SCREEN + audio instruction to call phone number?

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Seems to be a form of RANSOMWARE.  I just got hit  by this for the 2nd and 3rd time.  A week ago was first time, and that seemed to be triggered by accidentally clicking on a button on my screen.  That might have been just coincidental. My computer is Win 10.  I was logged in to a Yahoo Finance site.


These last two times (only a few minutes apart) came up while computer just sitting there untouched (again logged in to Yahoo Finance).   After the first one I shut down the machine as usual from the windows symbol in lower left corner of screen.  Restarted it as usual, no problem.  A couple minutes later it popped up again. I shut it down same way, restarted again, and logged into this forum.  No red screen yet.


In my previous experience with other ransomware it always required a click on a rogue button.  Now this one seems it may be hiding in my machine and triggered by a clock or something..... or could it be coming from the Yahoo site...?


Could this be the Scepture or Meltdown I've heard about recently...?  I am unaware of what they actually do...


I ran a scan with Malwarebytes antivirus and it found nothing.


Any suggestions or comments much appreciated...!



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