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Need Flash Drive with password entry security

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For years I've been storing my passwords on a couple of secure flash drives which require the correct password to be entered within 5 tries to allow entry.  If an incorrect password is entered 5 times, the chip is automatically erased.   These chips are a Sandisk product that is no longer available.  I'm beginning to think I'd better replace them, as I'm aware there is a limit to how many times flash chips can be erased and reprogrammed without losing data.

But I have not found a suitable product.  I have tried a couple of newer alternatives (UltrLock and Kingston DTLocker), but both are far too difficult to set up and use than the old Sandisk.  Seems almost like learning a new operating system...!

Does anyone here know of a currently available security flash drive that works similar to the old Sandisk…?



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