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Help.... Win 10 won't let me install XXCLONE...!

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I am desperate to back up my Win 10 desktop...!  MS tools will NOT work (can create system backup image BUT restore always hangs...!)  I have downloaded and attempted cloning with AMEIO Backupper, but the clone it creates will never boot up.  My machine now has not been backed up in 3 years...!

So I just downloaded a Win 10 version (2.08.0) of XXCLONE, which was the last version since creator Pixielabs folded up.  In the past I have successfully used XXCLONE on previous computers from Win2000 thru WinXP.  So I was hopeful this would work.  But noooo... now Win 10 will not even allow me to install it, giving error message that it is obsolete and giving me advice to visit the Pixielab website... which of course no longer exists....!!

Does anyone here know of a work-around to get past this MS foolishness....?  Pixielabs did have 4 releases of XXCLONE prior to folding up in 2017, so there's a good chance it would work on mine dating from 2015....


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